1992 Suzuki Swift GT Rally Car

Similar to Geo Metro, Chevrolet Sprint, and Pontiac Firefly, the Suzuki Swift GT adds boy-racer body fairings, four-wheel disc brakes, and a 100HP 1.3l DOHC 4-cylinder motor to the econo-box. In order to enhance the performance image of these diminuitive cars, Suzuki sponsored the preparation of 10 cars for rallying (C.A.R.S. PROD1750 class) by Trento motors (which still has the #002 car on its lot) and the Sprongl brother's Four Star Racing. The last of these 10 (#011) was purchased by nine-time Canadian Rally Champion Walter Boyce in September, 1992. The car then participated in the course opening of the 1992 Madawaska and Tall Pines Rallies, but was never raced and subsequently stored. I returned the car to street use.

 This is an example from a Suzuki advert of a sister car in rally trim:


Suzuki GT Rallycar

The Boyce car differs in appearance by carrying the light cluster on a bumper-mounted bracket, rather than the hood-mounted cluster shown in the pictured car.


GT on Solocourse

Changes to these vehicles from a regular GT include:

Built in the 85th year of Suzuki and the 20th of Suzuki in Canada, the rally-prepped cars won their class in the Canadian Rally Championship in 1992 and 1993, and continue to be rallied successfully today.

This vehicle is ideal for the beginning rallyist competing in either Canadian rallies or SCCA ProRally. It is also competitive in any number of under 1.5l Touring-car classes. Unlike other vehicles, it has not suffered from competition and is still fresh, straight, and clean while retaining all the advantages of a fully-prepped purpose-built factory effort vehicle. General spares are readily available worldwide, and competition parts available (in North America) from Select Sales in Miami, FL. (Sorry, I don't know the telephone number. I gave that with the car.)

taken at a tire test day at Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

In March, 1998, I sold the car to Simon Smith, who subsequently had the car converted back into full rally form. His rally team's website has some great pics.

If you want to know more about how to modify your Suzuki Swift GT, I'm sorry, but I have not worked on these cars since I sold mine in 1998, so I can't really remember much. My apologies.
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