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This is a site of information on the BlackBerry 950 - but not the type of information you can get on RIM's BlackBerry site. If you really want to know what a BlackBerry can do, go there and download the .pdf user manuals, white papers and brochures. I like the Exchange Edition brochure - although I have an Internet Edition. You can buy a BlackBerry there (or link to resellers) or check coverage, read specs, yada yada yada.

Stay here if you want:

Five quick answers:

  1. A BlackBerry is a wireless e-mail device with minimalist PIM function. While it does e-mail very well, the PIM part isn't any great shakes. Works fine for me, though.
  2. Yes, it synchronizes with most corporate e-mail thingies like Outlook. It does contacts, calender, etc. using Intellisync. It doesn't synchronize contacts with Eudora.
  3. No, you can't view attachments, although there are third party solutions that work like Itrezzo, which I use. RIM has their own solution now that I know nothing about. Sorry.
  4. Yes, you can browse the WWW, but text-only, and
  5. Yes, it is a great device, and worth the cost - if e-mail rules your life. (I'm not saying you'd want text info to rule your life.)
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If you have questions, have a look at the RIM BlackBerry message board archives at PDAStreet. Comments welcome at

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